Cold Forming Machine

    PEB Steel Alliance also uses the Cold Form Process at the optimum level. PEB’s modern state of the art machineries facilitates the application of the cold forming process to the highest degree. PEB Steel  uses the most superior quality steel with galvanized steel with G-90 (275 gm/m2) zinc coating.

    Cold-formed steel possesses a significant market share because of its advantages over other construction materials and the industry-wide support provided by various organizations that promote cold-formed steel research and products.

    Cold-formed steel products are shaped at ambient temperatures from steel sheet, strip plate or flat bars by roll-forming machines, press brakes or bending brake operations.

  • 1 Lightweight
  • 2High-strength and stiffness
  • 3Fast and easy erection and installation
  • 4Dimensionally stable material
  • 6No formwork needed
  • 7Durable material
  • 8Economy in transportation and handling
  • 9Non-combustible material
  • 10Recyclable nature