Turbo Air Ventilator & Ridge Vent

Turbo Air Ventilator Turbo Ventilator Extract Hot, Humid and Stale Air by creating a Convection Current which exhausts unwanted air allows Fresh/ Cool Air to replace from outside. This increases worker's comfort level, reduces exertion resulting in a higher productivity.

Ridge Vent

A ridge vent is a type of vent installed at the peak of a sloped roof which allows warm, humid air to escape a building's attic. Ridge vents are most common on shingled residential buildings.

 ridge ventilators will control the movement of fresh air through the building removing hot, stale air and air contaminated by manufacturing or production processes. Summer heat is released naturally through gravity ridge ventilators. During winter proper ventilation can assist in the control of condensation and other moisture problems, such as rust and deterioration of insulation or the damage to stored products.

Steel Building Ridge Ventilators

Ridge Ventilators, zero electrical power consumption ventilator (exhaust fan). The turbine shaped Power vent fan is a vertical mounted unit on the top of the roof of covered area from where the unwanted hot air is to be evacuated continuously. Which circulates fresh air in the bottom layer of shed without any electricity. This can be fixed in any kind of roofing such as metal roofing, asbestos, frp, and other roofing categories.

The normal environment of any workspace, factories, godowns, process house sheds, kitchens, in hotels, boiler houses, workshops etc., demands good ventilation for a healthy atmosphere Are the steel roofing is better suited to the Indian climatic conditions. This can be available with frp base, aluminium base and steel base.

Works efficiently within the normal available parameters of temperature, pressure and height of roof in most of the locations needing ventilation of polluted air.